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Live Networking Events, sponsored by Fordham University Press, will be hosted via Remo over the span of the Conference

Please register for our live digital networking sessions during the AskHistorians Conference, September 15-17, 2020 for an opportunity to connect with our community. Digital networking will be hosted via Remo and will require a microphone, with webcam optional.

Tuesday, September 15: Academic Sessions

This day’s sessions are aimed at those who work or are interested in academia. Curious about careers, publishing, applying for grad school, making connections with other scholars and representatives from Fordham University Press, and other opportunities in higher education? Then these are the events for you!

Wednesday, September 16: GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Sessions

Scholarly monographs aren't the only way to understand history. This session connects and celebrates those who explore the past in other ways - from curation to costume design, and re-enactment to records management.

Thursday, September 17: Era and the AskHistorians Meta Sessions

For the final day of networking, we have four sessions themed around major historical periods, from the ancient to the modern. We’ll also be hosting a special ‘Meta’ session on AskHistorians itself, the subreddit, its rules, history, and how to get involved. 

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