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AskHistorians is excited to announce the AHDC 2021, our second annual digital conference, which will be held 19-21 October across Reddit, YouTube, and Gather. This year's theme is [Deleted] & Missing History: Reconstructing the Past, Confronting Distortions. As with our 2020 Digital Conference, attendance is free for both panelists and viewers, but we welcome support through our crowdfunding efforts on Fundrazr.​

AHDC 2021 will include a live keynote, multiple networking sessions, and of course, a selection of exciting panels covering a wide expanse of history. Titles and speakers will be forthcoming over the next several weeks, but if you are interested in solving a mystery, we hope you will puzzle over a few teaser images above!


The AskHistorians Digital Conference (AHDC) Organizing and Diversity and Inclusion Committees acknowledge that the AHDC 2021 is being produced in and viewed from various locations across the world. Many of these locations include lands that are the ancestral, unceded, and treaty territories of Indigenous Peoples from Turtle Island, Abya Yala  [ab-EE-ah ee-AH-lah], and the Americas in their entirety to the traditional lands of Indigenous Peoples in Sweden, Australia, and across the globe. We acknowledge that these lands have been stewarded by these Indigenous communities and nations since time immemorial and we offer our gratitude to these Peoples. We, moreover, recognize that, five hundred years later, settler colonial nations continue to benefit from the brutal realities of genocide and forced removal that enabled the original settler colonizers and conquistadores to seize these lands. 


The AHDC organizers acknowledge both the land upon which we are virtually hosting this conference, those lands from which the conference is being viewed, and the deep-rooted and long-lasting wounds caused by white imperialism and settler colonialism. The harmful effects of these actions continue to hurt Indigenous communities across the world. We recognize the responsibility we have as historians to amplify Indigenous Voices and speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves. We also acknowledge that while we pursue this goal, academia itself has often been at the forefront of colonial domination and must therefore reckon with its own injustices. Understanding this, we have chosen to make a donation to the Indigenous organization, Forest Peoples Programme, in an effort to give back to Indigenous communities around the world. While we appreciate that Indigenous political, trade, and kinship relationships extend beyond the geographic boundaries that we commonly assign to distinct communities and nations, we would like to particularly acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples upon whose ancestral lands the AHDC 2021 has been produced or hosted as follows:


  • ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ (Anishinaabe)

  • Aonikenk

  • Atakapa-Ishak

  • Attiwonderonk

  • (Attawandaron)

  • Bodéwadmiakiwen (Potawatomi)

  • Cheyenne

  • Coahuiltecan

  • Coast Salish

  • Doeg

  • Eora

  • Gününa Küne

  • Haudenosaunee

  • Jumano

  • Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk)

  • Karankawa

  • Kaskasia

  • Kaw Nation

  • Kiikappooi (Kickapoo)

  • Manahoac

  • Massa-adchu-es-et (Massachusett)

  • Mississauga and Mississaugas of the Credit

  • Muwekma

  • Myaamia

  • Nacotchtank (Anacostan) 

  • Ndé Kónitsąąíí Gokíyaa (Lipan Apache)

  • Nentego (Nanticoke)

  • Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche)

  • Očhéthi Šakówiŋ

  • Odawa

  • Ohlone

  • Onʌyote'a•ka (Oneida)


  • Pawtucket

  • Peoria

  • Piscataway

  • Ponca

  • Ramaytush

  • Sami

  • Sana

  • sq̓ʷaliʼabš (Nisqually)

  • Susquehannock

  • Tonkawa

  • Wendake

  • Wenrohronon

  • Wôpanâak (Wampanoag)

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