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AskHistorians periodically hosts "Ask Me Anything" sessions - AMAs - with visiting academics interested in discussing their work with the general public. AMAs are live, online Q&A sessions conducted on our forum on Reddit, with the readership of the site asking questions in real time for the guest to respond to. A typical AMA reaches 3-4,000 readers over an afternoon session, while especially popular Q&As have reached as many as 500,000 readers!


AMAs are a one-time commitment which generally last between 3 to 5 hours, either in one single session, or spread out through the day. Traffic can vary depending on topic and day, but AMAs generally bring in dozens of questions, and thousands of readers. We've hosted hundreds of AMAs covering almost every corner of the historical field.


Here are a few of our favorites from the past which can give you a better sense of the format and practice:


If you are interested in further discussing an AMA opportunity with us or are all set to begin scheduling one, you can reach our AMA Coordination team at!


For a much more in-depth explanation of the AMA process, check out our AMA guide below.

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