All conference panels have been pre-recorded and will be released three at a time at 5 PM EDT on Monday, 18 October; Tuesday, 19 October; and Wednesday, 20 October. Check our our conference schedule to find the dates and times for live presentations, AMAs, and conference networking sessions. Click on each panel to learn more.

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Business as Unusual Panels

All panels are pre-recorded and will go live periodically through the span of the conference. States times are for the live Q&A with the panelists to be held on AskHistorians.

Tuesday, September 15th

10:00 AM ET

Indigenous Histories Disrupting Yours: Sovereignties, History, and Power

These papers are all Indigenous history, not just “history of Indigenous individuals/people.” They reevaluate sources or entire historical methodologies from Indigenous points of view: North American, Central American, Near Eastern.

4:00 PM ET​

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse: Imagining Mass Destruction

Religious, nuclear, or environmental, the end of the world continues to entrance and terrify people. How have societies responded to the real and imagined threat of mass destruction?

Wednesday, September 16th

10:00 AM ET

Pick Your Poison: Climate, Disease, and Human Disaster from the Middle Ages to Today

What makes a disaster: the event itself or the way humans respond? This panel addresses that pressing question through case studies of disasters and the methodologies that historians use to study them.

2:00 PM ET

Sinners, Saints, and Spies: Historical Women and Cultural Propaganda

This panel examines how cultural agendas and the best of intentions have appropriated and erased the life stories of individual women. What motivated these later generations to rewrite women into heroines, and what can we know about the women behind the legends?


4:00 PM ET

Power and Projections of Trauma in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The crush of disaster and upheaval disproportionately falls upon people in oppressed groups. This panel focuses on the extent to which records by those in power express the traumatic experiences of their subjects or of themselves.

Thursday, September 17th

10:00 AM ET

Being the Change that Others Don’t Want: Asserting and Resisting Racial Hierarchies in Midcentury North America

This panel examines art and angry words as sites for the enforcement or resistance of entrenched racial hierarchies.

4:00 PM ET

In Whose Trenches? Violence, Voice, and the Experience of War from Below

Wars are rarely started by those who fight and suffer in them. This panel explores the experiences of people caught up in wars they did not start.

6:00 PM ET

Building the Nation, Dreaming of War: Nation-Building through Mythologies of Conflict

We will explore how people build national communities and identities through shared memories of conflict or fears of future war.

All panels will remain available to stream on-demand through the AskHistorians YouTube Channel.